June Bartlett

I've been extremely fortunate through my work as an artist as it has given me the opportunity to travel and broaden my world. And painting is a great way to communicate! Whether in Denmark, Syria or the Gulf if I'm 'out in the elements' sketching or painting people would come up to me - probably out of curiosity at this strange sight! – and converse in some way. Language, colour and creed are no barriers for a painter!

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upcoming projects

From 7th April 2018 June will be ‘artist in residence’ at The Mission Hall Gallery, Melvich, Sutherland, Scottish Highlands. She will be having a solo exhibition – opening on 13th April during which she will be holding some workshops. During this time she’ll be painting ‘en plein air’ around the northern coast of Scotland.

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Caithness Scotland April 2018


Self-taught, she has earned her living as a landscape & portrait painter since 1970 - the first 'gallery' being the railings on Green Park/Bayswater Road, London.


In 1979 she was made a Freeman of the City of London - for her interest and involvement in the City townscape - Billingsgate Fish Market in particular.