June Bartlett

June was born in Hertfordshire, U.K., many, many years ago. Self-taught, she June with a friendly camelhas earned her living as a landscape & portrait painter since 1970 - the first 'gallery' being the railings on Green Park/Bayswater Road, London.

In 1979 she was made a Freeman of the City of London - for her interest and involvement in the City townscape - Billingsgate Fish Market in particular.

A timely holiday to Dubai late 1979 resulted in her painting the landscape and environs of the area and she now regularly travels to the Gulf. Her Orientalist work is shown frequently in galleries around the middle east and in London.

A prestigious commission in 2000 required her to travel extensively around Jordan depicting that country's beautiful and varied landscapes. June works predominantly in Oil Paints, Oil Pastels & Pencil/Pen & Ink.Painting at the Crac des Chevaliers castle in Syria

In November 2007June travelled and painted around Syria – followed by a second painting trip there in June 2009 including an extended tour aroundthe impressive ‘Crac Des Chevaliers’ plus another excursion into Aleppo. A solo exhibition of her Syrian paintings was opened by the Syrian Ambassador to the U.K. at the Mathaf gallery in September 2009.

With two other female artists June drove around the Sultanate of Oman in February/March 2010 - sketching and painting.Painting with a friend, also a painter, during a visit to Jerusalem

During Oct/Nov 2012 June travelled to Jerusalem – to paint landscapes and local scenes during which she was based in the Old City of Jerusalem.

“Working with other traveller/painter friends can be fun – often hilarious – sometimes frustrating – but always stimulating!”